Cadastre and land registry

The Cadastre and land registration knowledge exchange network has the goal of facilitating the exchange of 'best practice' to help members achieve our vision for cadastre and land registration in Europe 2012. Our work supports the decision makers of the EuroGeographics member organisations and other interested parties in creating effective spatial data infrastructures, securing (inter)national land administrations and contributing to sustainable development.

Vision document cadastre and land registration in Europe 2012 (pdf, 316  KB)

Our network focuses on traditional and potential tasks of cadastres and land registries as well as investigating developments that can affect these tasks. Outside of its scope are the land administration activities of land-consolidation, valuation and planning.

Being one of the Knowledge networks, the cadastre and land registry activities within EuroGeographics for the upcoming year are discussed, decided and monitored by a coordinating committee. The network is chaired by Bengt Kjellson (Lantmateriet, Sweden). As a framework for the network's activities the vision document on cadastre and land registration in Europe 2012 is being used. At this stage the following four working groups exist:

Working group: Information Resource has published its report

Working group: Impact of European legislation on the surveying profession has published its report

Working group: The role of Cadastres in INSPIRE has published its report - Cadastre iNSPIREd!

The JRC has launched a survey on cadastral and land registry services.


The cadastre and land registry network actively supports working in partnership with other organisations and pan-European associations engaged in cadastre and land registry activities including the UNECE WPLA , the PCC, World bank, FIG, EUROGI, ELRA, CLGE, Geometer Europas and CINDER. It is also involved in relevant European projects such as EULIS. In this spirit, membership of the network has been opened up to non-EuroGeographics members.