Mission and objectives

Our Articles say that our purpose is: ‘to further the development of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure through collaboration in the area of geographic information, and the representation of the EuroGeographics’ membership and its capabilities.’

Our vision is of a European society which makes decisions informed by our members’ accurate, authoritative and quality-assured land and geo-information data, services and expertise.

Our Mission is to maintain a network which helps each member to improve their capabilities and role; to facilitate access to our members’ data, services and expertise; and to provide a strong voice for our members.

We have six strategic objectives:

  1. Provide the voice of our members
  2. Develop the network of members
  3. Deliver an operational European Location Framework to support realisation of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure
  4. Facilitate access to members’ data and expertise
  5. Grow our network of members
  6. Ensure that the association continues to develop its role and has a sustainable future