The Quality Knowledge Exchange Network  (Q-KEN), formerly refered to as the  Expert Group on Quality (ExG-Q), was created by the 1997 CERCO General Assembly.

The Q-KEN has three key areas of interest: Quality management, Data Quality and Standards. The methods that the Q-KEN uses to cover these main areas are benchmarking, general meetings with seminars on these topics and projects.

The Q-KEN currently consists of almost 30 active and corresponding members representing over 20 NMCAs. The Quality KEN is managed by a chairperson and a coordinating committee, and  generally holds two plenary meetings every year.



Quality KEN in Brussels, Belgium, May 2010


  • Establishes a network of experts in field of quality management and data quality
  • Supports the EuroGeographics' general mission to work towards interoperable spatial datasets in Europe


  • To discuss data quality and quality management within National Mapping Agencies
  • To promote experiences on quality in the Geographical Information (GI) field
  • To create a network of experts for data quality and quality management within National Mapping Agencies

Coordinating committee

A Coordinating committee was created in September 1999 in order to have a more efficient organisation. It is composed of permanent members who are responsible to decide how best to deal with the various topics under the heading of quality. It is in charge of:

Coordinating and deciding the activities with the workplan approved by the EuroGeographics General Assembly

  • Organising the meetings
  • Reporting to the General Assembly and maintaining the work plan

Co-ordinating Committee (Helsinki 2008)