Management Board

EuroGeographics is led by ten board members. Seven of these members are elected during the General Assembly, an annual meeting of all Director Generals of the National Mapping and Cadastre Agencies. The remaining three are appointed by our principal contributors: France, Germany and Great Britain.

The 2017 General Assembly elected  two new members of the Management Board: Mrs. Amalia Velasco Martin-Varés from Directorate of Cadastre in Spain and Mr. Colin Bray from Ordnance Survey Ireland became new members of the Management Board.



Ingrid Vanden Berghe
EuroGeographics President

National Geographic Institute, Belgium

Hansjoerg Kutterer
EuroGeographics Vice President and Management Board Member

Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie, Germany

Angela Matcov
EuroGeographics Management Board Member and Treasurer

State Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre, Moldova


Amalia Velasco Martin-Varés
EuroGeographics Management Board Member 

Spanish Directorate General for Cadastre

Anne-Cathrine Frøstrup
EuroGeographics Management Board Member

Norwegian Mapping Authority 

Colin Bray

EuroGeographics Management Board Member


Ordnance Survey Ireland

Sylvain Latarget
EuroGeographics Management Board Member 

National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information, France

Konstantin Koltonyuk

EuroGeographics Management Board Member

Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography, Russia

David Henderson
EuroGeographics Management Board Member

Ordnance Survey Great Britain

Darko Vucetic
EuroGeographics Management Board Member

Republic Geodetic Authority Serbia