Road Map

To allow communicating EuroSpec and collaboration with all actors and partners of the Programme, a Roadmap will be established that will set the milestones for the short and medium term plans, and indicates the direction towards the long term vision. It is expected that a first realistic Roadmap for EuroSpec can be published by the end of 2005, that needs to integrate:

  • the action plan of the INSPIRE drafting teams,
  • the capabilities of the NMCAs,
  • the strategic decisions of the EuroGeographics General Assembly of September 2005 at Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Roadmap will also be used as the main tool for aligning all EuroGeographics activities within a common and coherent framework.

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The basic concepts of the EuroSpec roadmap will probably adopt the above draft (warning: the following roadmap must be considered only as indicative, and in particular the timescale is not binding!).

The top level gives the main milestones (red triangles) on the road to the implementation of the EuroGeographics vision of interoperability by a set of EuroSpec services. Although the ultimate goal concerns Base Reference Information (i.e. large scale NMCAs datasets), short terms services will be based on small scale Reference Information, and in particular with the EuroRegionalMap data.
Note: in the above chart “Phase 1” indicates generally an operational service with concerning only a small number of countries, and “Phase 2” the extension of the service to a large number of countries, and increased functionalities.

The second level (yellow triangle) show the expected main milestones within the three major themes of the programme :
• Technical interoperability
• Business interoperability
• Distributed services architecture

More details about the activities hidden behind these milestones can be found in the Output section, or the Programme Components section.