Archived Projects

In this section you can access information about completed projects. The following projects are available:

EuroBoundaryMap - Started as a project in 1992, it was originally called Seamless Administrative Boundaries for Europe (SABE). The first dataset, based on 1992 data, was released in 1993. It latterly became known as EuroBoundaryMap and is now one of EuroGeographics successful pan-European products.

EuroGlobalMap – The project to create EGM started with European Commission funding in 2001, the first product was released was in 2004. From 2013, this 1:1million scale topographic product is released as open data and can be downloaded directly from the EuroGeographics website.

EuroRegionalMap – The project to create EuroRegionalMap originally started in 1998, under the Pathfinder towards the European Topographic Information Template (PETIT) project which ran until 2000. The project phase continued until 2005, when the product was first release. EuroRegionalMap is EuroGeographics most detailed mid-scale product at a scale of 1:250,000.

ESDIN (2008-2011) European Spatial Data Infrastructure with a Best Practice Network,  project work on implementation of INSPIRE Annex I themes and creating specifications based on INSPIRE so that cross-border and Pan-European interoperability can be achieved.

RISE (2005 – 2007) Reference Information Specifications for Europe addressed the GMES data harmonisation action line and provided valuable input to the INSPIRE implementation rules. The project team developed guidelines for the creation of geospatial data implementation specifications, with a focus on water, elevation and land-use data themes.

ABDS: The Administrative Boundary Data Services project for the Central and Eastern European Countries, concerned with the preparation and partial implementation of an on-line delivery service for administrative boundary data.

ESMI: The ESMI (European Spatial Metadata Infrastructure) project, aiming to create a single access gate to linked internet services that describes geographic information, thereby giving users access to a wealth of information about geographic data.

EuroSpec: The overarching structure for many of our activities has now been replaced by our Medium Term Business Plan. Many of the principles of EuroSpec have been carried forward through ESDIN.

ETeMII:  An EC funded project aimed at bringing together many of the key stakeholders involved in European GI in order to both explore and promote the main issues that lie behind the creation of a European Geographic Information Infrastructure.

Laclef: LaClef aimed at finding ways of unlocking some of the valuable Geographic Information data held in the European public sector.

PETIT: Pathfinder towards the European Topographic Information Template was a project to determine the feasibility of creating a pan-European topographic dataset using the VMap Level 1 specifications defined by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

EuroRoadS was a project intended to lay the ground for the creation of a standardised, seamless, updated and quality assured digital road data infrastructure within Europe.