Coordinating Committee


Member organization - National Mapping and Cadastral Agency

National nominee of the Coordinating Committee


State Land Property Committee on the Republic of Belarus (Goskomimuschestvo)

Sergey Zabagonskyi

Deputy Director



Estonian Land Board

Ms. Karin Kollo


National Land Survey of Finland

Jyrki Puupponen

Cartographic Engineer


Latvian Geospatial information agency

Ivars Liepins,

Chief specialist in geodesy


Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Lithuania

Ausra Kalantaite

Deputy Director of Land Policy Department


Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre of Moldova

Dr. Maria Ovdii

Head Department Geodesy & Mapping


Norwegian Mapping Authority

Per Christian Bratheim

Head of Section



Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr)

Nikolaj Konstantinovich Kazeev

Head of Division of Cartographic and Geodetic materials


The Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority

Dan Norin



State Service of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre


Iryna Kucher

Chief specialist of Department for topography, geodesy and cartography activities

The main objectives of the State Parties (National Mapping Authorities) are, by stages through co-operation in the Coordinating Committee, to create and develop the common rules and good practice in order to protect, preserve, present and promote the World Heritage property “Struve Geodetic Arc” as an entire trans-boundary object. This requires active collaboration with the national instruments of management over the separate stations – parts of the monument, as well as effective coordination in making the monument more substantial and more known to the public.

Particular tasks that result from the main objectives will be realized through common management practice agreed by the State Parties. Through the established Coordinating Committee necessary coordination of the ten Arc State Parties is ensured, as well as joint responsibility over the trans-boundary World Heritage property “Struve Geodetic Arc”.

Representatives of the ten “Struve Geodetic Arc” State Parties form the Coordinating Committee. Each State party nominates its primary representative to the Committee. EuroGeographics supports the Coordinating Committee by the resource of Secretary General (currently - Saulius Urbanas), which handles communication amongst Coordinating Committee members, other involved institutions and individuals.

Participation in the SGA Coordinating Committee meetings are open to national and international experts, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations and individuals, whom deal with activities related to SGA or protection of antiquities in field of geodesy in the territories of the State Parties

Ordinary Coordinating Committee meetings shall be organised in frequency of two years, but in case of any need or under special circumstances Committee Chair could call an extraordinary meeting or organise consultation and decisions taken processes by electronic means of communication (email, webinar, etc).

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