The EuroRegionalMap project aims to create a pan-European vector topographic database at scale 1:250 000 (medium scale) used as reference data and enabling spatial analysis and geographic backdrop for presentation and visualisation basec on the harmonisation of already existing National Data Bases of the NMCAs.

EuroRegionalMap is now covering 31 country datasets (26 EU countries, 4 EFTA countries, and the republic of Moldova ).

Further EuroGeographics succeeded in the contract with Eurostat to deliver ERM as a medium scale reference dataset including its maintenance for up to 4 years until 2010.

The consolidation phase

Today, as the 4 year period of the Eurostat contract already started, it is required to deliver a yearly updated release of ERM.

The priority for EuroRegionalMap is now to enhance the quality of the data by gradual improvement of the level of harmonisation of the European dataset in order to satisfy one of the main stakeholders on the user market, which is the European Commission. Another challenge is to be able to maintain a regular update of the ERM dataset. Moreover these improvements also aim at satisfying a maximum of identified user requirements mainly for spatial analysis purpose and as a result they will consolidate the position of EuroRegionalMap on the market.

Thus, EuroRegionalMap can now be considered as entering into a third phase named the “consolidation phase