CLRKEN Mission and Core Team

The aim and mission of the CLRKEN is to help the EuroGeographics' members to meet user needs for cadastral information at both the national and European levels.

Participation in CLRKEN


Core Team Members

Name Institution
Daniel Steudler (chair) Federal Office of Topography swisstopo, Switzerland
Amalia Velasco General Directorate of Cadastre, Spain
Angela Matcov ISC Cadastre, Moldova
Jani Hokkanen Maanmittauslaitos, Finland
Julius Ernst BEV, Austria
Martin Salzmann Kadaster, The Netherlands
Patricia Sokacova EuroGeographics Head Office
Pia Åbo Østergaard Geodatastyrelsen, Denmark

EuroGeographics members interested to get involved in the CLRKEN are encouraged to contact the CLRKEN chair Daniel Steudler.

Mission and Objectives

The mission and objectives of the CLRKEN are to:

  • maintain a network of cadastral and land registry experts;
  • provide the European platform for networking and sharing best practice;
  • follow the developments of relevant technologies and practices;
  • support EuroGeographics' policy towards European data interoperability;
  • promote our members' experiences and expertise;
  • raise awareness of the importance of cadastre and land registry for economic activity and social development;
  • organize workshops in the field of cadastre and land administration;
  • publish reports on issues in the field of land administration.

The CLRKEN focuses on the role of cadastre (documenting land property objects) and land registry (documenting legal rights in properties) and investigates developments that affect these fields.

Planned Activities

The CLRKEN plans the following activities for its members:

  • to organize two workshops for all CLRKEN members per year, based on the preferences of its members;
  • to make accessible the results of these workshops;
  • to maintain the CLRKEN webpages on the EuroGeographics website.

These activities are to be coordinated with other institutions, organizations, and parties active in our field.

The CLRKEN maintains an annually updated work plan: Work Plan 2018 (26-Jan-2018).


Last update of this page: 9-Feb-2018