The Copernicus KEN is chaired by Anders Sandin, Lantmäteriet, SE.  Its coordinating committee is made up of the following members:

Francois Chirie, IGN France

Neil Sutherland, Ordnance Survey GB

Rheinhard Gissing, BEV Austria

Olav Eggers, Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency,  Denmark

Antonio Arozarena, IGN Spain

Angela Baker, EuroGeographics


The main topics and subject area(s) covered by the KEN are the following:

-       Foster knowledge exchange between Copernicus and EuroGeographics members to ensure a clear mutual understanding of the Copernicus services’ in situ requirements and the geospatial data produced by EuroGeographics and its members;

-       Promote awareness raising activities intended to improve the visibility of the Copernicus in situ component and the important role of EuroGeographics and its members herein; 

-       Support initiatives aimed at providing harmonised geospatial data sets and services at the European level.

-       Improve Copernicus’ access to EuroGeographics’ data and services such as EuroBoundaryMap, EuroRegionalMap, and E.L.S;

-       Enhance the dialogue between Copernicus and EuroGeographics’ members, with a view to making more national authoritative geospatial data available to the Copernicus services in accordance with their requirements;