EC & EU bodies

The European Commission, through Eurostat - the Statistical Office of the European Communities - is a major and important customer for EuroGeographics Products. They have integrated our products into the Commission's GISCO database - their corporate geographics information database.

However, we also work with the EC on legislative and programme developments, offereing technical and policy advice in relation to INSPIRE, GMES and Galileo. Latest developments with legislation can be tracked on the EC website, as well funding opportunities.

In addition to Eurostat, we work with DG Environment, the Joint Research Centre, DG Research and DG Information Society.

We also work with a number of other European bodies closely connected with the European Commission, including the European Environment Agency, who provide a wealth of environmental information through the European environment information and observation network (EIONET); and the European Space Agency (ESA) who are responsible for the European Space programme.