Strategic Partners

EuroGeographics works with a number of strategic partners to achieve our Vision and Mission.

PSMA Australia - Public Sector Mapping Agencies is an unlisted public company limited by shares and owned by the state, territory and Australian governments. It provides a national asset of comprehensive, quality and accessible spatial knowledge, derived from government data sources, that significantly contributes to economic, social and environmental outcomes for Australia

EULIS- European Land information Serrvice, a consortium of public sector organisations with responsibility for land registration and provision of land information. It provides subscribed land registry customers such as banks, lenders, estate agents and lawyers, reliable, direct and easy access to land and property information in member European countries.
link to EUREF website EUREF - a subcommission of the International Association of Geodesy which is responsible for the maintenance of the European Reference Frame (ETRS89).
link to EuroSDR website EuroSDR - European Spatial Data Research (former OEEPE) is a Research Platform for national mapping agencies, academic institutes, the private sector, industry and other groups concerned with European spatial data infrastructures. EuroSDR act as the research arm of EuroGeographics.
link to WPLA website WPLA - Working Party on Land Administration, aiming at improving and promoting land administration in the UNECE region. WPLA is working closely with the EuroGeographics Expert Group on Cadastre & Land Registry
PCC - the Permanent Commission on Cadastre was established to focus on 'purely' cadastral issues. They are members of the EuroGeographics Expert Groupon Cadastre and Land Registry and we are working together on projects of mutual interest.
link to EUROGI website EUROGI - the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information. As a non-profit organisation, EUROGI aims to provide a focal point to share information about GI developments across Europe. EuroGeographics works with EUROGI to support better information sharing, organisational cooperation and use of GI.
link to EuroGeoSurveys website EuroGeoSurveys - the organisation representing the European National Geological Surveys.
AGILE - Association of Geographic Information Laboratories Europe promotes teaching and research on Geographic Information Science by representing the interest of those involved in GI-teaching and research at the national and the European level
link to CLGE website CLGE - Comité des Liaison des Géomètres Européens / The Council of European Geodetic Surveyors
link to EARSeL website EARSeL - a scientific network of European remote sensing institutes, coming from both academia and the commercial/industrial sector