EuroGeographics through its members contributes to the development of standards, including ISO/TC 211 and CEN/TC 287 European standards. Where appropriate we are also adopting and using these standards, for example, for metadata, data specifications and quality.

ISO/TC 211

EuroGeographics holds Category A Liaison status with the body responsible for the ISO geographic information series of standards. ISO TC211 aims to establish a structured set of standards for information concerning objects or phenomena that are directly or indirectly associated with a location relative to the Earth.

CEN/TC 287

EuroGeographics is a liaison member of CEN and contributes to its working groups. Follow the link to the CEN/TC 287CEN/TC 287 documents (members only).

OGC - Europe

EuroGeographics is a member of OGC - the Open Geospatial Consortium - who are defing open geospatial data standards in support of GIS interoperability. Together we completed the RISE project.