PolKEN: Policy

The Policy Knowledge Exchange Network gathers and shares information relating to European and global policy developments. Representatives and experts from our members track, evaluate and constructively participate in European initiatives, programmes and policies within the sphere of our purpose and expertise.

The Policy Knowledge Exchange Network and its specialist working groups are a central pillar of our EU Affairs and Representation Strategy which in turn is essential in the delivery of the Vision and purpose of the EuroGeographics association.

Our following six months workplan  is:

  • Continue the successful work of our three task forces
  • Creation of Copernicus briefing  paper
  • Working on “Authoritative data” document
  • Tracking  “various initiatives” and creating an information paper on it
  • Tracking information on funding opportunities and disseminate them to the members
  • Establish closer contact between Polken and INSPIRE MIG and other relevant expert groups and KENs
  • To have regular meetings twice a year
  • To publish policy pages, fully utilizing Task Force Leaders, on a monthly basis

PolKEN is chaired by Dominik Kopczewski, Coordinator of International Relations at the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography of Poland.

Get involved

Please contact Dominik Kopczewski if you would like more information or would like to contribute to PolKEN.

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