Positioning Knowledge Exchange Network

The GNSS positioning in Europe, in different aspects – from determination of the reference system, scientific analyses of GNSS data, through various types of services provided to the users of GNSS on different levels of accuracy and reliability, ending with a large variety of applications – has been coordinated and developed by a number of national, regional and pan-European authorities. In order to progress with market oriented operational services the coordinated approach that links all important initiatives would  benefit users. Such an opportunity arose when a decision was made to initiate cooperation on GNSS positioning between four of the key players in the European market, each representing a different market segment:

  • CLGE – representing users of permanent GNSS networks for precise positioning, especially surveyors, a large group of users of GNSS precision applications,
  • EUPOS – representing DGNSS service providers of RTK networks which densify the continental network,
  • EUREF – representing scientific community, especially concerning reference frames and operating a continental GNSS network as densification of the global network of the International GNSS Service (IGS) and forms a terrestrial continental interoperable infrastructure for different applications,
  • EuroGeographics – representing national policy makers, namely NMCA’s.

The representatives of all four organizations met together on April 9, 2014 and decided that the Knowledge Exchange Network in the field of GNSS positioning shall be created as a tool for executing cooperation between them. The establishement of EuroGeographics Positioning Knowledge Exchange Network was endorced by EuroGeographics Management Board.

PosKEN strategy currently focuses on the following topics:

1. provide a networking platform for experts,
2. establish the European Positioning System,
3. coordinate GNSS service and policies developments,
4. create standards, guidelines and recommendations,
5. harmonize the position of GNSS network operators and users,
6. advertise the use of ETRS89 in Europe.

For more information please contact Saulius Urbanas from EuroGeographics Head Office.