Pricing & Licensing

PL 2006

Main deliverables for the project
1. A comprehensive overview of NMCAs products and practices for pricing and
    licensing, in the framework of a common terminology, with a process for
    updating this information.
2. Guidelines for pricing and licensing for NMCA
3. A revised and agreed policy for licensing of EuroGeographics products
4. A recommendation to INSPIRE on common licensing terms and pricing models
    for public sector geographical information

Project 2003

Following the EuroGeographics General Assembly 2002, Frankfurt-am-Maine, the decision to start a Pricing & Licensing project was executed involving experts from the EuroGeographics Expert Group on Legal & Commercial Issues, and EuroGeographics project team members.

The Pricing & Licensing project objectives were to define and agree between all members of EuroGeographics on guidelines for a common Data Policy which would be applicable within EuroGeographics projects and which would provide a good reference for harmonising the national data policies across Europe.

The project started with the study on standard licensing terms. Information was gathered from 15 National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCAs) and 4 comparison reports were produced for the each type of license (End-user, Distributor, VAR and Evaluation).