Upcoming Events with CLRKEN involvement

Tallinn, 14/15 Nov. 2017: PCC Conference


Past Events with CLRKEN involvement

Vienna, 5/6 Oct. 2017: Common Vision Conference 2017 on Tradition Meets Innovation.

Lausanne, 21 April 2017: WPLA/CLRKEN Joint Workshop on Land Administration and Land Management in the Digital Age.

Bratislava, 17-18 Nov. 2016: The CLRKEN Workshop on the Role of the Cadastre and Land Registration in the Interaction with Partners took place as part of the "Joint PCC-CLRKEN-PCC Conference".

Amsterdam, 5-7 June 2016: Common Vision Conference 2016 - Migration to a Smart World by PCC, EULIS, EuroGeographics, CLGE and ELRA (see Conference Report).

Brussels, 11-12 Nov. 2015: The 2015 autumn workshop looked into the topic 'Documentation of Public-Law Restrictions' and was part of a joint conference with EULIS.

Zurich, 19-20 Mar. 2015: The spring workshop of the  CLRKEN 'Beyond Limits - Developments in Cadastral Domain' was held in Zurich, Switzerland in cooperation with the Swiss Think Tank "Dimension Cadastre".

Vienna, 15 Oct. 2014: The 2014 autumn workshop 'Developments in Valuation and Potential Impact on Cadastre and Land Registration' was held in Vienna.

Brussels, 2-3 Apr. 2014: 'European Location Framework (ELF) – accessible, interactive cadastral information for the ESDI'

Amsterdam, 29-30 Oct. 2013: 'Cadastral Information supporting different purposes'

Riga, 7 May 2013: 'Meeting user's needs for appropriate cadastral information. using different sources of information to maintain cadastral information'

Eisenstadt, 22-24 May 2013: 'Jubilee 30th Conference of the Cadastre & Land Registry Authorities of Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Trentino, South Tyrol, the Czech Republic and Hungary'


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