Struve Geodetic Arc

  • Nikolaj Kazeev (Rosreestr, Russia) was elected as new Chair of the Coordinating Committee of the Struve Geodetic Arc at hte 7th CC meeting in Tallinn, 7th Sept 2016. He took over the governance of the Coordinating Committee from Karin Kollo (Maaamet, Estonia).


  • Landmateriet published the new information brochure about Struve Geodetic Arc. The eight-page long brochure has text in both Swedish and English. Abstracts are also given in three minority languages spoken in the Swedish “Struve area” (Finnish, Meänkieli and Northern Sami).

Photo Vygintas Skaraitis (BFL)

  • The silver eurocoin (20 EUR) dedicated to the Struve Geodetic Arc was launched by the Bank of Lithuania at 11 May 2015. Find more information  about the event and about the coin.