EuroGeographics General Assembly

Dates: 1st to 3rd October 2017
Venue: BEV, Vienna, Austria
This event is a Eurogeographics activity.

The 2017 EuroGeographics General Assembly will be held in Vienna, Austria, starting with a Welcome reception on 1st October, closing on 3 October. 

The General Assembly 2017 is kindly hosted by the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying BEV. Please find the final agenda here.

BEV is organizing two more events during the same week in Vienna:

Celebration of 200th Anniversary of the Cadastre in Austria on 4 October

Common Vision Conference co-organized with WPLA, EuroGeographics, EULIS and ELRA on 5-6 October.

The weather forecast is looking good, warm sunshine between 15-18 degrees.

The EuroGeographics General Assembly starts on Sunday 1 October with a Welcome reception in the premises of BEV, Schiffamtsgasse 1-3, the venue of this year’s General Assembly, dress code is smart casual. Registration for the GA will open at 16.00 on Sunday and will remain open until the start of the Welcome Reception at 19.00. Registration will take place at the BEV. The Welcome reception space at the 8th floor will be open since 18.45.

On Monday 2 October the registration opens at 8.00.

The General Assembly sessions start at 9.00 and will close at 16.35. The room at BEV is nicely prepared for the General Assembly, but please note power socket will not be available on each table, a separate table and board along windows with loading stations will be available.  Please ensure your laptop is fully charged if you wish to use it all day in the room.

On Tuesday 3 October the registration opens at 8.30.

The General Assembly sessions start at 9.00 and will close at 17.00.

In case of any emergency the following numbers should be used:

·         Police: 133

·         Fire: 122

·         Ambulance: 144

·         Central Emergency: 112

More practicalities and information is available on the GA 2017 website.