INSPIRE KEN & EuroSDR Schema Transformation Workshop

Dates: 8th to 9th October 2013
Venue: Ampithéâtre Picard - Ecole Nationale des Sciences Géographiques (ENSG) - 6 et 8 Avenue Blaise Pascal - Cité Descartes - Champs-sur-Marne - 77455 Marne la Vallée – France
Deadline for registration: 20th September 2013
This event is a Eurogeographics activity.


THE INSPIRE KEN (Knowledge Exchange Network) together with EuroSDR is organizing a workshop about schema transformation tools and methods in the premises of the ENSG - Marne-La-Vallée (near Paris) – France.

Background: NMCAs, as other data producers, will have to make their data compliant with INSPIRE interoperability Implementing Rules; during next years, this compliance will mainly be achieved through schema and data transformation.

The objectives of the workshop is to make a state-of-play about (existing or projected) schema transformation tools, to help NMCAs to assess these tools and to help them to choose the most appropriate and possibly, to provide background to disseminate knowledge about schema transformation at national level.

The workshop is open to EuroGeographics and EuroSDR members and partners.

The workshop is scheduled from Tuesday 8th October 2103 09.00 - Wednesday 9th October 2101 16.00. The draft agenda of the workshop is rich in content (see enclosed file) and consequently, I strongly advise you to attend this workshop.

A common lunch will be organized on both days. Lunch will be offered to presenters. Other workshop attendees will be required to contribute: 20 € for the 2 lunches.

A social dinner will be organized on the evening of Tuesday 8 October; if delegates wish to attend they will be required to pay 30 €. It will include:

  • Aperitif (Kir)
  • Starter (raw scallop with pea cream or “vol-au-vent” with tomato, goat cheese and basil)
  • Main course (cod with saffron sauce, rice and vegetables or veal rib with mushroom sauce, potatoes and vegetables)
  • Dessert (chocolate cake or mango and pineapple with ice cream)
  • Water, wine and coffee

Every one attending the workshop (including presenters) should before the 20th September 2013.

On the registration form you will be asked to indicate your attendance at the social diner and, if you are attending the dinner, which starter, main course and dessert you wish to have.

I look forward to seeing you in October

Dominique Laurent


Registration Form

 * Please note as a delegate you will be require to pay 20 euro for lunches on both days and 30 euro for the social dinner – this can be paid in cash at the workshop.

Delegates must arrange their own travel and accommodation Information can be found in the handy guide available here


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