Validation workshop, organised by EuroGeographics, JRC and EuroSDR

Dates: 2nd to 3rd June 2016
Venue: Marne-la-Vallee, France
Venue website: ENSG public bodies that have to implement INSPIRE face the issue of validation, regarding the technical components, i.e. metadata, data and services. This is why the EuroGeographics INSPIRE KEN, JRC and EuroSDR organise the workshop on this topic.

The agenda

Information for visitors - the Handy guide of ENSG that provides directions to the venue and recommendations for accommodation etc.

The list of attendees.


Introduction : why this workshop? Michael Lutz (JRC)  
Questions from participants. Dominique Laurent (EG)  
Validation quick scan. Marie Lambois (IGN France)  
Validation and conformity testing in the INSPIRE maintenance and implementation group (MIG) - State of play and future plans  
Overview, Development of Abstract Test Suites (ATSs). Michael Lutz (JRC)  
Development of the INSPIRE Test Framework and executable test suites (ETSs). Clemens Portele (interactive instruments)  
Metadata validation Chair: Christina Wasström  
INSPIRE geoportal validation tool. Michael Lutz (JRC) video
National Experience with Metadata Validation from the Czech Republic. Ivana Svatá, Veronika Kůsová (CUZK) video
Validator for French GeoCatalogue. Etienne Taffureau (BRGM) video
How ICGC / IDEC is adapting metadata to INSPIRE requirements. Joel Plana (ICGC) video
Analysis of INSPIRE French data GeoCatalogue: choice between validation or guidance. Pierre Vergez (IGN France) video
Services validation (1) Chair: Michael Lutz  
Validation of services in the European Location Framework (ELF) project. Roy Mellum (Kartverket)  video
Validating OGC web services against INSPIRE requirements, the ELF experience. Clemens Portele / Jon Herrmann (Interactive instruments) video
INSPIRE Spatial Data Service validation with Spatineo tools.  Mr. Ilkka Rinne (Spatineo) video
Services validation (2) Chair: Michael Lutz  
Validating INSPIRE services: A piece of cake
Mickel Langeveld (Kadaster)
Using OGC Validation Tools  to validate INSPIRE Network Services, Metadata and Data. Luis Bermudez and Bart De Lathouwer (OGC-Europe) video
Data validation (1) Chair: Dominique Laurent  
ELF data validation with GO Publisher. Alberto Olivares (Snowflake Software) video
The eENVplus Validation Service. Giacomo Martirano (Epsilon Italia) video
FME Validation Tools for INSPIRE. Ken Bragg (Safe software) video
Data validation against schema and source data. Didier Bouteloup (IGN France), slides presented by D.Laurent video
Data validation (2) Chair: Dominique Laurent  
Quality Tests Framework for INSPIRE Datasets. Markus Seifert (Bavaria), slides presented by C.Portele video
Data validation concepts and techniques to guarantee a minimum INSPIRE compatibility. Richard Mitanchey (COVADIS) video
Data validation panel discussion video
Purpose - benefits of validation Chair: Joep Crompvoets  
GDI-DE Test suite - improving quality of metadata and services. Sven Böhme (BKG) Daniela Hogrebe (GDI-DE) video
INSPIRE testing and validation in Belgium: a way to steer and guide implementation actions. D.Vandenbroucke, S. Keijers, A, Crabbé, N. Delattre, T. Callens, O.Kissiyar video

Validation supporting the inspire monitoring obligation. Ine de Visser (Geonovum)

From European Commission point of view. Michael Lutz (JRC) video
From data producers point of view. Dominique Laurent (EuroGeographics) video
From research point of view. Joep Crompvoets (EuroSDR) video