Land use/land cover products: challenges and opportunities

Dates: 15th to 15th November 2017
Venue: Museum of Natural Sciences, rue Vautierstraat 29 / 1000 Brussels
Deadline for registration: 1st November 2017
This event is a Eurogeographics activity.

Organisers: EuroGeographics (INSPIRE KEN),  European Environment Agency, EuroSDR and the INSPIRE Thematic cluster LU-LC.

This workshop will take place from 9:00 to 18:00 on 15th November 2017 in Brussels. It is an open workshop.

The agenda of the workshop ”Land use/land cover products: challenges and opportunities” includes presentations about national products, European products and about research activities. Also discussion sessions are planned.

For information to the attendees. On 16th November 2017 (the day after the workshop) DG GROW organises a public stakeholder consultation that aims to present the planning of potential future Copernicus land products and to collect feed-back from stakeholders. Participants of this Land use / Land cover workshop are welcome to attend. Registration to this Copernicus event is open by 13th November.

The objectives of the workshop

The agenda

This list of registrants (9th November 2017)


In case of any question please contact: Dominique Laurent, Saulius Urbanas




Date/Time Presentation Presenter/Speaker
Session 1



Welcome - general introduction (10’)

Reminder on LU-LC INSPIRE Data specification (15’)

The Copernicus land monitoring service (15’) 

Dominique Laurent

Lena Hallin- Pihlatie


Hans Dufourmont

Session 2


European Experiences

EAGLE : concepts and implementation (20 ‘)

LUCAS: the current product and its evolutions (20’)

Semantic modelling of the agriculture-related land cover types, relevant to the EU common Agriculture Policy, with the Land Cover Meta Language (20’)

Experiences from ELF implementation (10’)

Geoff Smith

Alessandra Palmieri


Pavel Milenov

Åsa Sehlstedt

Session 3


National Experiences

The French standard on large scale LU-LC and its implementation as core data(20‘)

The evolution of LU/LC data in the German cadastre (20‘)

Spanish approach (Parametric Object Oriented Land Cover Data Models – SIOSE – IGN) 20’

The LISA extension to INSPIRE LC/LU data model: the Austrian experience - (15‘)

Restructuration of topographic Finnish data, with focus on LC/LU (10’)

Experience from Swedish INSPIRE LC-LU implementation (10')

Dominique Laurent


Christian Lucas


Julian Delgado


Gebhard Banko


Ulla Pyysalo


Åsa Sehlstedt 


Session 3

Discussion session on current practices  
Session 4


Context Evolution


Thematic Cluster on LC/LU functioning and feed-back: transforming current data to INSPIRE (10’)

UN-GGIM core data: objectives and state-of-play on LC/LU (including SDG requirements) - (10’)

Update of ISO 19144 -2 (LCML) – (10’)

Lena Hallin-Pihlatie


Nuria Valcarcel


Roland Grillmayer

Session 5


Potential Research Solutions

How to help users to move to INSPIRed products - (20’)

EuroSDR current projects contributing to research and innovation on LC/LU, (20‘)

Connecting VGI to LC/LU ( 20’)

Fotoquest go: a smartphone app to collect Land-Use and Land Cover data (10’)

Open Land Use Map (20’)

Dominique Laurent


Bénédicte Bucher

Ana-Maria Raymond


Steffen Fritz


Dmitri Kozuch

Session 6


Missing Topics. Future research activities.