Cadastral maps assist in aftermath of earthquake

28th November 2016

Cadastral maps assist in aftermath of earthquake

Cadastral maps from Agenzia delle Entrate, EuroGeographics member, are helping to assess the impact of the recent earthquakes in Italy.

The large-scale data is supplied to the Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service (EMS) and used to classify the types of buildings that have been damaged. It is overlaid with information from visual assessments of potential instability taken from satellite images as part of the Italian Civil Protection damage survey.

Visso and Castelsantangelo sul Nera in Macerata province, were the first areas to use the data, with maps for a further 17 municipalities now published.

The Agenzia delle Entrate database was chosen because of its regular updates, widespread availability and interoperability.

Images and data can be downloadable for free from the Copernicus EMS website: