14th May 2012

We are pleased to announce that EuroGeographics Executive Director Dave Lovell has been elected as the President Elect at the GSDI Associaton Council meeting in Quebec City, a role he will combine with his ongoing work with EuroGeographics.

Our actively cooperating colleague and friend and high profile expert from NLS Finland Heli Ursin was elected to the GSDI Board of Directors. 

In his election statement Mr. Lovell pointed to the first priority of the GSDI, the delivery of benefits to all members and membership growth, the aim to build strong relationships with individuals and organisations capable for impacting on the global level, to implement a careful management of limited finances to ensure maximum impact from expenditure and to develop a clearly articulated strategy and operational plan which focuses on outcomes.

Commenting on his election he said: ‘These are exciting times for the geospatial community. Across the world the use of geo-information has, to use a popular phrase, ‘gone viral!’ Geo-information touches more people’s lives and more things that people do than at any time in history. The availability of geo-information has never been higher, the capability of technology has never been better and the understanding of the benefits from applying geo-information to government, business and personal decisions has never been greater. I am honoured to have been elected to this position by my peers and look forward to working with the Board of GSDI and its new President, David Coleman, to build on the many successes of GSDI to deliver greater value to its members and to the society that its members serve’.

All his ambitions and plans could turn into reality thanks to his great career experience gained from working in Ordnance Survey, and his experience in leading the transformation of EuroGeographics from a national association to an international association; drawing on his success in its membership growth and his focus on delivering tangible benefits for members and practical outcomes for European society, to the benefit of GSDI and its members.

Mrs. Heli Ursin as a member of the Board of GSDI aims to make use of her broad experience in several fields, such as SDI setting and INSPIRE Directive implementation in Europe, her activities in international cooperation at regional Nordic/ European and global level and her knowledge of the regional SDI projects, such as the Arctic SDI, which may be of value to GSDI.

Her priorities in GSDI would be to promote international cooperation and collaboration in all fields of SDIs. Personally she has special interest in benchmarking and networking as important means of knowledge spreading and the future role of the GSDI Association.

Congratulations and good luck to the new President Elect of the GSDI and the new member of the Board of GSDI! yes