Iceland announces that geo-information is free.

23rd January 2013

From 23 January 2013 digital maps and Spatial Data held by the National Land Survey of Iceland have been made free of charge, as determined by Svandís Svavarsdóttir Environment and Natural Resources Minister. The data is used in various projects of state agencies such as registration, planning, nature conservation, natural hazards, energy, research and public projects, but they also benefit the public and businesses in various ways.

The purpose of making digital maps and Spatial Data free of charge is to ensure that the general public in Iceland is guaranteed easy access to authoritative information about the environment and nature of Iceland. The goal is also to encourage increased use, processing and dissemination of this data, for example in the field of tourism, public administration and education.

NLSI has already made ​​the map data available for download on their website, without charge.

Magnús Guðmundsson, Director General of National Land Survey of Iceland and former President of EuroGeographics said: "This is a great day for Iceland, and for NLSI. The authoritative information that we painstakingly collect and process is now available to more people who will put it to new and exciting uses. We are fortunate to have a beautiful and unique landscape in Iceland, NLSI is proud and priveledged to have responsibility for recording every detail of it. Now more people will benefit from what we do!"