EuroSDR e-learning courses

12th January 2017

The 2017 series of e-learning courses from EuroSDR is now open for registration:

Topics of four e-learning courses will be introduced during the seminar hosted by 3D geoinformation research group, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands from 6th to 7th March 2017.

Two-week e-learning courses are scheduled from March to June 2017:

  • 3D city modelling (13th -24th March 2017)

    Tutors: Jantien Stoter, Ravi Peters, Hugo Ledoux, Delft University of         Technology

  • Synthetic aperture radar for mapping applications (27th March -7th April 2017)

    Tutor: Olaf Hellwich, Technical University Berlin

  • Oblique Aerial Camera Systems for Mapping Purposes (24th April -5th May 2017)

    Tutors: Fabio Remondino and Isabella Toschi (FBK Trento), Francesco Nex     and Markus Gerke (ITC/University of Twente)

  • Terrestrial Point Cloud for Forest Modelling (15th - 26th May 2017)

    Tutors: Liang Xinlian and Juha Hyyppä, National Land Survey of Finland

EduServ courses can be followed over the Internet from any location and require about thirty hours of online study.