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Our European mapping currently consists of four pan-European geographic datasets.

EuroDEM – a digital representation of the ground surface topography of Europe

EuroBoundaryMap – 1:100 000 scale administrative and statistical regions dataset covering 43 countries

EuroRegionalMap – 1:250 000 scale topographic dataset covering 33 European states

EuroGlobalMap – 1:1 million scale topographic dataset covering 45 countries is available as 'Opendata'.

View a table comparing the contents of our datasets.


We also offer services to facilitate the search of our members' products and to find out information about coordinate reference systems

CRS-EU – online information about coordinate reference systems and translating from one to another

In development

EuroGeoNames - is the pan-European web service providing the definitive and authorative place names for Europe

State Boundaries of Europe – A definitive dataset of legal and administrative state boundaries