The European Location Framework (ELF) Project

EuroGeographics, together with a number of its members, is contributing to the European Location Framework (ELF) Project. Project partners include private companies, academic organisations and national mapping, land registry and cadastral authorities who have agreed to provide data.

The European Location Framework is the gateway to pan-European maps, geographic and land information from official, national sources. As the single source of definitive, detailed and quality-assured data from the organizations responsible for national mapping, cadastre and land registry, it provides a single point of access for licensing geospatial information from different agencies and different countries.

The ELF Project, which moves into a two-year transitional phase in October 2016, has developed the standards, specifications, tools and technical infrastructure to deliver pan-European geospatial content. This provides a solid foundation on which to build future European location services.

As a practical example of INSPIRE implementation, the ELF Project has supported the delivery of national web feature services and has provided valuable feedback on the data specifications as they are implemented in different countries. This work is helping others in the European Union to meet INSPIRE legislative requirements.

It is just one way in which our members invest their expertise, time and resources in the development and distribution of geographic information.