SBE (State Boundaries of Europe) KEN

State Boundaries of Europe Knowledge Exchange Network (SBE KEN) comprises the experts from National Mapping and Cadastral Authorities working on international boundaries related information.
The aims and objectives for the SBE KEN are:
1.    Identify approaches in harmonising national spatial data between neighbouring countries and means achieving pan-European coverage;
2.    Develop processes in defining the agreed lines/points for connecting (edge-matching) features along borders;
3.    Collect and maintain the boundary related information including its legal definition, connecting nodes and the representative borders in spatial datasets and services (by certain level of details);
4.    Share best practice in agreeing and harmonising national or regional data with the data of public authorities of neighbouring countries;
5.    Provide guidance and recommendations to NMCAs on applied tools, procedures and specifications.
6.    Facilitate a dialogue amongst NMCAs experts for finding solutions and dealing with issues on cross border interoperability of spatial data, provide support and advices.
The major objective of the SBE KEN is to deliver boundary related information for an implementation of harmonisations of national spatial data across state borders.
The latest SBE KEN plenary meeting was organised in Florence at 23-24 November 2017. More information
SBE KEN members communicate using the basecamp. Please contact Saulius Urbanas if you like to subscribe to the SBE KEN basecamp.

Archived information of the SBE project (completed in 2013):